2021: Year of the Yin Metal Ox

by | Apr 13, 2021

In the tradition of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar,  2021 is the year of the Yin Metal Ox. Grandfather Fire, in His traditional channeled expression (a spiritual state called teotlixiptla, “god image” in Nahuatl and axihuatakame “god speaker man” in Huichol) gave an audience and spoke to the people present about what this would mean, coming from the difficult year of the Metal Rat.

The qualities that He spoke about were that Ox is hardworking, disciplined, loyal, and as a herd animal benefits family and family connections, also showing the Yin or feminine influence this year. This means that it’s possible to come out of the challenging old year through focus and hard work. This will create a strong opportunity to reverse the struggles of the pandemic because the Ox has the strength to persevere.

While the Ox isn’t strong in the area of creativity, Ox more than makes up for it in honesty, concentration, and fruitful activity, like an ox plows a field. Yin, as a feminine expression, is present, but with Metal, it has a masculine effect to be more oriented towards action than new relationship-building even though Yin softens this influence. Metal is related to the lungs, righteous-correct action and Divine connection, such as breath as connection, adds to the attributes of the Ox and the Yin to make this an important year for conservative pursuits such as tradition, spirituality, and simple, tactical actions to improve family and community relationships. It’s not a good time to move your household if you can avoid it. Metal makes it a supportive year for lung and therefore can support the respiratory problems that have been caused by COVID.

Again, it’s a good year for a recovery from the pandemic and the social and economic fallout if you keep it simple, do hard, disciplined work, stay practical, and orient on proven wisdom and approaches.

Love & blessings,
Don David

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