A Plan Does Not Get You Up Mt. Everest

Oct 5, 2021


“The mind is preoccupied with where the path is going to end up, rather than recognizing that the correct steps are in front of you in every moment. A plan does not get you up Mt. Everest.

“To climb the mountain is to go one step at a time, making changes along the way. No plan gets you up. Your feet, your arms, your sense of direction gets up. As your heart grows, along with its ability to demonstrate “sense of direction,” your navigation gets stronger and stronger, and then your mind can be a servant to the heart. The mind is a combination of a janitor and a secretary – cleaning up, filing and sorting. Unless you start listening with and trusting the capacity of Heart, the janitor and secretary are going to continue to direct your actions in this world. In order to transform your sense of direction, you would need to seriously reconsider the advice of the mind and start to listen to the Heart voice, but this will seem like a calamity for the mind. The mind will shower you with lots of concern; after all, time is a creation of the mind, as is the concept of ‘tomorrow.'”

Excerpted from Heard Around the Fire, page 5-6

Over 25 years ago, the elemental Source of Fire began speaking through Don David Wiley, a tsaurririkame elder in the Huichol tradition of Mexico. “Grandfather Fire” has spoken with thousands of people who come to hear His guidance about meeting life’s challenges with courage and wisdom, so they can live lives of meaning and purpose.

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