Sacred Fire is nurturing a thriving online community and actively encourages discussion on our posts. We strive to maintain a respectful, engaging and informative conversation adhering to the values of respect, emotional connection, kindness and tolerance. When we gather around the fire or in person, we experience these qualities in abundance, but as we all have experienced, digital communication can make it easy to lose the direct emotional connection, and we can lose track of these values and the connection that they can foster.

Towards that end, we have the following general guidelines for commenting. If you wish to participate in the community, we ask that you abide by these values and the spirit of community they seek to create:

We ask that you honor differing views and experiences. Each person’s varied perspectives and experiences are worthy of respect, even if they don’t accord with our own.

Connection over Ideology

Please try to place a higher value on human connection and exchange, and avoid the pitfalls of ideological posturing.


When in doubt about how to respond to a topic or conversation, opt to treat others with kindness.


If you feel things have gone off course, please try not to condemn or blame; feel free to bring a gentle reminder about these values.


Please keep postings and discussions relevant to the spirit of our work or the topic at hand.

In addition to these general values, the following more specific pointers are important to note as these behaviors will not be tolerated. Compliance will be enforced by our community moderators for the well-being of all involved:

  • Use of demeaning language or abusive communication.
  • Personal attacks or trolling (posting deliberately disruptive material).
  • Anything promoting illegal activity (including copyright infringement).
  • Content that is irrelevant to the Sacred Fire Community, its values or its work.
  • Posting of spam, advertisements, agenda driven or self-promotional material.

This type of content is off limits and will be removed by moderators. Anyone who fails to abide by the guidelines will get a gentle warning from a moderator. Subsequent repeated violations may result in being banned from the group.

Please note that there is a difference between passion and a personal attack. Everyone is encouraged to bring and share their passion as long as it does not bring down someone else.

Community moderators have the final word on interpretation and enforcement of these guidelines.

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