Sacred Fire is doing powerful and dignified work.

4 Program Areas

LifeWays Programs provide support and practical approaches to help us move through the phases and transitions that we experience in our lives.

Firekeeping offers an inclusive space where all people—regardless of tradition, political persuasion, or walk of life—can gather in an atmosphere of genuine respect to experience the gifts of Fire and community. We train Firekeepers and host community fires in countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, Colombia, Ireland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

At Fire Speaks audiences, traditional healer Don David Wiley allows his body to be used as a conduit by the spirit of Fire to converse with those in attendance. This may seem somewhat strange or even impossible, but this is a role that is recognized and respected in many traditional cultures. Fire Speaks provides a rare opportunity to receive counsel from the spirit of Fire directly. Many have found these audiences to be fun and heartfelt, giving rise to powerful and enduring effects on their lives.

Outreach Initiatives include bringing awareness to Sacred Fire offerings by publishing newsletters and eBooks, by spreading Sacred Fire on social media, and by promoting Sacred Fire events to ignite the sacred through the values of inclusion, respect for the natural world, and healing wisdom that come from our mutual connection with Fire.

3 Ways You Can Help

Become a Monthly Donor

Why give monthly?

  • It’s flexible. You can change or cancel at any time, without obligation.
  • It’s convenient. One transaction sustains our work year-round.
  • You’ll help build a strong foundation for Sacred Fire’s vital work —burning away the isolation of modern life with the connective and transformative gift of Fire.

Embers $10 per month
Sparks $25 per month
Flames $50 per month
Fire Circle $100 per month


Make a One-time Donation

Across our world, humans are facing complex challenges. They have never needed Sacred Fire more.

We can help bring our communities back into balance—as long as we have friends like you who will help.

Gifts of every size add up to sustainability for our organization. Most people are giving $50. Please give what you can!


Get Involved

We welcome volunteers in all of our program areas. From helping one of our local community fires, to supporting a women’s retreat, to helping us spread fire through outreach or administration—your skills, gifts and talents can warm up the work of Sacred Fire!


Thank You for Your Generosity!

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