Courage for Couples—Partnership as a Work in Progress
A Sacred Fire LifeWays Webinar with Dusty and Christine Staub
Sunday, March 21, 2021 | 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern (US)
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Practices for reconnection, inspiration and rejuvenation


If you’re in a committed relationship, you know the difficulty of successfully navigating the challenges of shared lives.

  • While we seek to foster strong, healthy, and mutually-supportive relationships, we become distracted by today’s hectic technological and media-driven world.
  • Important family and community networks are often geographically far-flung and leave couples less time and opportunity to establish practices for successfully moving through life’s changes “for better or worse, in sickness and in health.”


In this webinar, Dusty and Christine Staub will introduce well-tested practices that support couples through the rough patches.

Dusty and Christine recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. They consider their marriage a “work in progress” and agree that they have learned the most from supporting each other through respective rough patches. They are the parents of three young adult children and have two precocious grandchildren. The Staubs are both initiated Sacred Fire Firekeepers and have been holding community fires since 2005. Hosted by Sacred Fire LifeWays Director Sherry Boatright, the session will feature an experiential exercise, discussion, and Q & A.

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This hour-long online program, a learning opportunity of its own, is also an introduction to the full Courage for Couples Weekend, tentatively set for mid-October 2021. Dusty and Christine will facilitate the full two-day immersive program at Deer Thicket Sanctuary, in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA).


  • Christine Staub

    Christine, trained as a family physician, quickly saw her practice evolve to more holistic models of healing. Her current focus is on creating space for healing at the level of community. Christine studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan, which opened the door to joining the Sacred Fire organization as it was first formed.

  • Dusty Staub

    Dusty started his career as a family and marital therapist. For the last 35 years, he has been a highly sought leadership consultant who helps build purpose, passion and power in individuals, teams and organizations. In particular, his work focuses on emotional intelligence and courage.


3:00 – 4:00 pm EST
In this introductory webinar, Dusty and Christine Staub will share practical, tactical, emotional, and spiritual practices to support couples through the rough patches. Hosted by Sacred Fire LifeWays Director Sherry Boatright, the session will feature an experiential exercise, discussion, and Q & A.


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Registration is open. Even though this is a free event registration is required.

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