Death and the Circle of Life with Deanna Jenne
A 2-Part Online Webcast
Wed, Jan. 27 & Wed, Feb. 3 | 7:00 pm Eastern
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Living life fully includes embracing life’s end

Join mará akame Deanna Jenné for this two-part webcast and discussion which explores our physical, spiritual and emotional relationships with Death and the opportunities Death presents for life’s renewal and regeneration.

“The design of the structure of a human being—or any being for that matter—begins its creation at conception with one foot in the unseen realm and one foot in this physical realm. As the Architect builds this being, an indelible blueprint for the life of this new being is designed. You could say that the blueprint is the invisible ink that ensures that life has a pattern and purpose, a beginning and an end—just as all living creatures on earth have a beginning and an end. “
—Deanna Jenné


  • Deanna Jenné

    Deanna Jenné draws on the wisdom of the natural world to facilitate healing for people and communities. She has a deep interest in the feminine principal and has studied the historical, cultural and innate roles of both the feminine and masculine. Deanna leads the Women’s Initiation ritual staff in guiding young women through a spiritual doorway so they can discover a lifetime path to their rightful place in the world. Her leadership roles have been earned through years of managing and facilitating community programs, ceremonies and rituals that include life transition rites such as baptism, initiation, marriage and funerary rites.

    Following a spiritual calling, Deanna was initiated as a traditional healer in both Nahua and Huichol traditions of Mexico. Her healing practice for more than 30 years has specifically addressed women’s natural cycles, trauma and soul loss. Deanna brings a level of openness, wisdom, knowledge and ability to listen deeply to the Divine and to her people. She holds elder council roles for her Medicine Path Group and the Women’s Initiation Council to maintain the integrity of the medicine traditions and to instill a sense of the mystery, trust and courage for these paths.

    As an initiated Firekeeper for Sacred Fire and her local Western Colorado community, she has a long-standing commitment alongside her husband and community to build a demonstration village and a way of life living in gratitude and ritual, honoring all of God’s creation in accordance with the natural cycles of the world.


Registration will open January 10, 2021

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Wednesday, January 27, 7:00 pm EST

Wednesday, February 3, 7:00 pm EST

Each session is 90 minutes in length, and is hosted online via Zoom.


$25 USD includes both sessions.

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