Fire Speaks—Bristol
Fernhill Farm | Bristol, UK
Friday to Sunday, 16th-18th June, 2023


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A special weekend of reconnection, recreation and renewal


Sacred Fire Bristol community is excited to be hosting Grandfather Fire for an evening of fun, connections and sacred teachings. Join us for a full weekend of community and ritual space to share together.


This event will be a special opportunity to reignite your heart through love and fire. During our time we will co-create the essence of being in community by connecting to the ancient ways of sitting around the fire. It is a sacred time to be fully present where you are and to share with others in a safe and sacred space. Healing is held through being in community and we offer this experience to be seen by each other with love and compassion, so that we can transform our lives through the gift and medicine of Fire.

We will bring this vision into the weekend through sharing our songs, poems, music, dancing, storytelling and creating a thriving community that reflects the nature of our surrounding area and all that it offers. This gathering around the Sacred Fire together has taken place on these lands every year for many years and now feels somewhat like a pilgrimage. Through returning we celebrate the fire in each other and offer our gratitude for the blessings that Fire has brought to our lives and continues to gift us.

If you have attended a Fire Speaks event before, you know what a special time we have in store for you. If you are new to Fire Speaks, know that this event will be a unique and powerful time, a special opportunity to tap into a deep, sacred wisdom of Heart energy that Grandfather Fire shares with us. It is a time when your most pressing questions about how to live meaningful lives in these challenging times can be asked of one of the world’s greatest teachers.

Grandfather Fire’s stories and lessons about the dynamic interplay of Heart and Mind show people a new way to relate to the world and its challenges. He cuts through doubt, confusion and illusion with a long-view perspective that delivers tried-and-true ways to find connection, compassion, learning, growth and healing. He’s wise, funny, provoking and astonishingly insightful.

Grandfather Fire has been a friend and teacher to humans since the time before time.For the past 20 years, Grandfather Fire has been sharing teachings, sacred stories and life guidance with people all over the world. Find out more information about this phenomenon here.

What people are saying after attending Fire Speaks

For days after, I kept having these intense visualizations of fire, and I was able to really “feel” the spirit of fire, as something beyond simple burning wood and instead a primeval creative essence. The whole experience seemed to have set a seed deep in my psyche.”

“What you experience with Grandfather is like an education for your soul.”

“It was very meaningful for me to talk to people outside the normal sphere I communicate with. I’ve never been in a group of spiritual seekers like that before.”





  • Don David Wiley, medium for the Spirit of Fire

    Don David Wiley, medium for the Spirit of Fire

    David Wiley’s perspective on what is possible and how to live life was profoundly altered in 1996, when the Spirit of Fire, often called Grandfather Fire, appeared before him as an apparition in the garden of a meditation retreat center near Mexico City. Grandfather Fire asked David to be his conduit, so people everywhere could discover their innate connection to spirit and have an experiential relationship with nature and Divine. Grandfather sent David to find two indigenous elders, Don Lupe Ríos Gonzales of the Wixárika (Huichol) tradition of Mexico’s Sierra Madres and Don Lucio Campos Elizalde of the Nahua tradition of the central highlands. At Grandfather Fire’s request, these two elders began David’s formal medicine and ceremonial apprenticeship in these two ancestrally related shamanic paths.

    From the Huichol tradition, David received initiations as a mara’akame, a healer, counselor, and ceremonial leader; from the Nahua path, he was initiated as a granicero, a weather worker, ceremonial leader, and healer. After years of service and leadership, he received permission to teach these two traditions to those called to these shamanic paths. After Don Lupe’s passing in 2003 and under the support of mara’akame Don José Sandoval de la Cruz, David  received initiation as a Huichol tsaurirrakame  (elder shaman) in 2008. On the Nahua path, David became a Caporal Mayor (teacher-tradition leader) when he inherited Don Lucio’s altar and the responsibility for his Nahua weather working lineage after Don Lucio’s passing in 2004. As a recognized elder in these two traditions, he has received the title of respect, Don David.

    Concurrent with Don David’s immersion in this traditional medicine path work, starting in 1996, Grandfather Fire began speaking through Don David’s body during special gatherings. This has been some of the most impactful of Don David’s work, touching thousands of people. Among the Huichol, an axihuatakame is a “god-speaker man,” a traditional spiritual medium who enters a coma-like state so that a deity can physically interact directly with humans. A collection of Grandfather Fire’s wisdom was published as Heard Around the Fire in 2010; a second book is in final editing. An archive of teachings can be found on as Grandfather Fire’s Wisdom. Over the years, Grandfather Fire inspired Don David and the community growing around Grandfather’s wisdom to spread traditional lifeways through the world. This lead to the founding of nonprofits Sacred Fire, which began training Sacred Firekeepers and hosting events and programs in 2004;  Blue Deer, a retreat and healing center for nature’s medicine which opened in 2005, and Sacred Fire Foundation, a charitable organization founded to promote and protect traditional indigenous lifeways in 2009.



If you plan to attend ONLY FIRE SPEAKS on Saturday, (single day or evening ticket), register HERE.

If you plan to attend Fri-Sunday and TENT or lodge in a BUNK ROOM, register HERE.

If you plan to attend Fri-Sunday and want COUPLES, GROUP, OR FAMILY LODGING register HERE.

Scroll down for event fees and descriptions below.


Friday, 16th June, 2023

4:00 pm            Arrival/check in/greetings/ settle/put up tent if camping

5:00 pm            Welcome & Orientation

6:00 pm            Dinner

7:30 pm            Social Fire


Saturday, 17th June, 2023

8:00 am            Breakfast

10:00 am          Gather around the Fire

11:30 pm          Guest speakers

12:30pm           Lunch

3:00pm             Community

6:00 pm            Dinner

7:30pm             Gather around the fire for the Audience with Grandfather Fire.

Sunday 18th June, 2023

8:00 am            Breakfast

10:00 am          Post Grandfather Fire Discussion

12:00 am          Departure


Registering a child under 14 years of age? Contact Loredana Kraushaar for a discount code of $50/child.



Day ticket: $255 /approximately £200
Arrive between 9am and 9.30am. Gather around the fire at 10am.
Includes lunch, diner and evening audience with Grandfather Fire.
All meals are vegan and gluten free.

Evening Ticket: $153 /approximately £120
Arrive between 7pm and 7.30pm.
8pm gather around the fire
Includes evening audience with Grandfather Fire.
No meal provided.




All prices shown for Tenting and Bunk Rooms is per person

Camping $375 /approximately £295

—Camping is per person regardless of number of tent occupants

Hive Hall Bunk House $400 / approximately £315

The Arcs (Pods) $415 / approximately £325

Queen bunk $415/ approximately £325


Prices shown are per couple. Register early, limited availability.

Double Couple $765 / approximately £600

Caravan $825 / approximately £650

Wagon $825 / approximately £650


Price is for four people. Register early, only one room available.

The Loft (bedroom with 2 queen bunks and a king size bed) $1,520 / approximately £1,200


For more information

For more information, contact Loredana Kraushaar at

Hosting Firekeeper(s): Carole Nomessin, Julie F. Decarroux and Sylvia Law

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