Initiation to Adulthood—An Introductory Webinar
Online via Zoom and as a Recorded Event
Sunday, May 15, 2022 | 2:00-3:30 pm EDT (Americas)

As a young person, do you feel confused about yourself and the world? Do you feel anxious more often than excited about the future?

As the parent of a young person, do you want to see your child grow and mature in ways that open possibilities for happiness, joy and satisfaction in their life?

Initiation into Adulthood—A ceremonial awakening to life purpose

Becoming an adult may be life’s most important transition.

It is a critical time, when life-altering events are necessary to promote spiritual and emotional growth. A traditional ceremony that meets a young person’s craving for challenge, self-reflection and community can transform youthful confusion and anxiety into maturing self-confidence, purpose and meaning.

You and your family will undoubedly benefit from this presentation and Q & A about the importance of this time in each of our lives. Join the Sacred Fire Initiation Council—Deanna Jenne, don David Wiley, Gary Weidner, Lisa Lichtig and Jessica De la O—for this special web event.


  • Deanna Jenné

    Deanna Jenné draws on the wisdom of the natural world to facilitate healing for people and communities. She has a deep interest in the feminine principal and has studied the historical, cultural and innate roles of both the feminine and masculine. Deanna leads the Women’s Initiation ritual staff in guiding young women through a spiritual doorway so they can discover a lifetime path to their rightful place in the world. Her leadership roles have been earned through years of managing and facilitating community programs, ceremonies and rituals that include life transition rites such as baptism, initiation, marriage and funerary rites.

    Following a spiritual calling, Deanna was initiated as a traditional healer in both Nahua and Huichol traditions of Mexico. Her healing practice for more than 30 years has specifically addressed women’s natural cycles, trauma and soul loss. Deanna brings a level of openness, wisdom, knowledge and ability to listen deeply to the Divine and to her people. She holds elder council roles for her Medicine Path Group and the Women’s Initiation Council to maintain the integrity of the medicine traditions and to instill a sense of the mystery, trust and courage for these paths.

    As an initiated Firekeeper for Sacred Fire and her local Western Colorado community, she has a long-standing commitment alongside her husband and community to build a demonstration village and a way of life living in gratitude and ritual, honoring all of God’s creation in accordance with the natural cycles of the world.

  • Don David Wiley

    Don David Wiley is a teacher, elder and a founder of Sacred Fire community. He is well-known in traditional circles as one who lends his body as a human vessel to be the “god-speaker man” for Grandfather Fire. He is a healer, ceremonialist, and ritual leader in two ancestrally related indigenous traditions from Mexico—the Huichol mara ákame path and the Quiapaquiz path of Nahuatl weather working.

  • Gary Weidner

    Gary Weidner was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs but found his passion for connecting to the land after moving to Colorado at the age of eighteen. He began his long career as a bodyworker in 1976 at the Boulder School of Massage. Twelve years later he was trained and certified as a practitioner of Rolfing Structural Integration at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder.
    His life took a turn in 1997 when he met Don Lucio Campos Elizalde during a trip to Morelos, Mexico who told him that he was to be initiated as a Granicero or Nahua weather worker. This was the beginning of a connection to nature in a deeper way that continues to unfold. In 2008 Gary was initiated as a mara ‘akame, a healer and ritual leader in the Huichol tradition.
    Gary lives near Grand Junction in Western Colorado. He serves his local community as a Sacred Fire Firekeeper, continues his Rolfing work, and is currently building a home with his wife Deanna and fellow members of the Mesa Life Community on the Grand Mesa. He also serves on the Men’s Initiation Council.

  • Jessica De la O

    Jessica De la O has been serving youth and young adults since she herself was a young adult. As a collage administrator for 28 years, she guided young adults toward the completion of their college degree. After completing a doctorate in education, she developed and offered a rites of passage program for adolescent girls, then followed guidance from the wisdom of the plants who called her toward a larger dream of service.

    Jessica trained in Plant Spirit Medicine and was inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing in 2015, and currently offers plant spirit medicine in Carrollton, Georgia. As a long-time community leader with Sacred Fire, she guides and supports young women through their initiation into adulthood, and she also serves as an initiated Firekeeper who holds space at community fires for people to experience the wisdom and healing that comes from sitting by a sacred fire..

  • Lisa Lichtig

    Lisa Lichtig

    A traditional shamanic healer and devoted student of Grandfather Fire for 25 years, Lisa is also a physician, firekeeper and mother.  Lisa serves community as a Mara’akame (healer and ritual leader in the Wixarika Tradition) and as a Firekeeper for Sacred Fire hosting monthly community fires, Womens’ fires and specialty fires. She and her husband are keepers of one of Grandfather Fires oldest consecrated hearths within Sacred Fire.  They have had the honor and responsibility of hosting numerous Fire Speaks events – ensuring Grandfather’s wisdom and perspective is offered and available to everyone. Lisa also serves on the Sacred Fire  Women’s Initiation Council, which offers a formal process to guide adolescent girls and young women into adulthood. She lives on a beautiful knoll in North Carolina with her husband, Patrick and carries the scent of fire wherever she roams.


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2:00 – 3:30 pm Eastern (Americas)

Welcome and Introduction by Sherry Boatright

Presentation by the Initiation Council

Q & A

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