Kindling the Heart – January 9, 2022
An Online Experience of Fire
Sun, Jan 9 | 7-9 pm GMT (UK, EU) 2-4 pm EST (NorAm) 11-1 pm PST (NorAm) 6-8 am AEDT (AUS)

A Time-Tested Way to Soothe and Nurture Your Soul


The complexity of modern life takes a toll on even the most resilient people. Indeed, we can practice self-care to keep our minds, bodies and spirits healthy—and pressures, doubts and anxieties will still creep up and drag us down.

It’s good to know that there’s a simple, proven technique that can recharge our mental, physical and emotional center: kindling the heart.

When we kindle something, we arouse emotion in it.  We inspire it. We get a fire going in it.  And at Sacred Fire, we take “getting a fire going” very seriously.


Spark a deeper connection with nature and spirit through Fire’s “alternative medicine.”

Since earliest times, people have intuitively felt the special, healing quality of fire.  Fire warms, illuminates and enlivens. It quiets the mind’s spinning chatter, allowing us to hear something relaxed and different.


Kindling the Heart helps us access our inner knowing—the part of our self that is enduring, authentic, whole and real. That inner knowing is expressed through the voice of heart—our healing wellspring of courage, clarity, confidence, compassion, and connection.


Kindle your own heart’s Fire online.

Kindling the Heart will give you an understanding of the unique role Fire has played in human history—and why it is particularly important to us in modern times.

You will also have the opportunity to taste how Fire’s presence can help you find your center—grounded, in touch with your feelings, and more aligned with the flow of life around you.

Deepen your appreciation of both Fire and heart in this special “fee-free” two-hour online experience.

Fire’s been around forever. Literally! Come experience the special role Fire holds in deepening our relationships with nature, spirit and Divine—no matter what “Divine” looks like to you.




  • Lucy Wells

    Lucy Wells became a firekeeper with Sacred Fire in 2006 and has held community fires ever since. Alongside her healing practice she is involved with storytelling, music and performance. Fire is central to all her work as a transforming and motivating force.

  • Mai Duong

    Mai Duong is an  initiated Fire Keeper with Sacred Fire.. She is a dancer, an entrepreneur, merging her life’s work and passions for health and healing and working with the spirit of Fire. As a Fire Keeper her commitment is to facilitate and inspire heart centered living, bring emotional, social and spiritual change back to the core basics of being human.


Registration will open soon.



Kindling the Heart

Sunday, January 9   |   7-9pm GMT (UK/EU)    |    2-4pm EST (Americas)   |   11-1pm PST  (Americas)   |   6-8am AEDT (Australia)

After registration, you will receive an email confirmation and reminders with the Zoom link for the event.

Please join the call ten minutes before start time in order to ensure your connection is complete.

If you know someone who could benefit from more fire and heart in their life, invite them to join us!



This event is being offered as a gift from Sacred Fire.

Please consider honoring our work by making a donation in the spirit of exchange for what you’ll receive during our time together.

For more information

For more information, contact at

Hosting Firekeeper(s): Mai Duong and Lucy Wells

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