Living Life Aligned with Nature
A Sacred Fire LifeWays Webcast
Sunday, April 18th, 2021 | 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern (US)
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Pause, Reconsider and Start Living Differently.


During this disruption of usual routines, more and more people are finding themselves questioning what is truly important. Sacred Fire LifeWays invites you to explore a new way of living, one that is rooted in nature’s timeless wisdom.

Sacred Fire calls this approach to life “Life Cycle Living.” While this phrase may sound new or unusual, its meaning is actually quite simple. In fact, humankind has been doing this for many thousands of years—for good reason.

Every stage of life has special gifts and particular challenges. When we’re fully aligned with life’s natural phases, we’re able to feel more at home in ourselves and in the world, full of life’s meaning and purpose.

Sadly, there’s no playbook for navigating these transitions in modern society. We often pass through these phases unaware, distracted and unengaged with the innate rhythm of who we are. This webcast will help you expand your awareness of the cycles of a human life to benefit your self, family, friends and community.

We’ll review the four major stages of life transitions to begin your exploration of Life Cycle Living:

  • Childhood’s Seeds for the Future
  • The Thundering Years of Adolescence
  • What it Means to be an Adult
  • The Role of the Elder in Community

There’s a way you understand your life that’s not presented in Western culture. It’s something you intrinsically know, buried in your DNA, in your heart. Deep down, you recognize that as human beings we are part of nature and part of a greater, grander scheme of the world’s life cycle. What piece are you here to bring? What fulfillment of purpose will help move yourself, your loved ones, and the world along into an unknown future?

Join us for this no-fee special event.

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  • Don David Wiley

    Don David Wiley is a teacher, elder and a founder of Sacred Fire community. He is well-known in traditional circles as one who lends his body as a human vessel to be the “god-speaker man” for Grandfather Fire. He is a healer, ceremonialist, and ritual leader in two ancestrally related indigenous traditions from Mexico—the Huichol mara ákame path and the Quiapaquiz path of Nahuatl weather working.

  • Sherry Boatright

    Sherry Boatright received a calling to her spiritual path through Nahua shaman Don Lucio Campos in the central Mexican highlands in 1999 and was initiated as a quiatizques (woman bringer of rain) in this traditional path. From this she became devoted to bringing fire and spirit into community. She became a Firekeeper and participates in growing the organization of Sacred Fire.  She was asked to develop the Lifeways series of programs grounded in the human life stages and is now working to evolve those into a comprehensive whole called Life Cycle Living. Sherry trained as a psychotherapist and had a private practice where she was involved for many years with facilitating women’s groups. She helped to create the Ukalái Women’s Gathering, (now LifeWork for Women: Ukalai) and has offered that program in the US, Mexico, Australia and the UK. She studies Nahua healing and has been initiated as a tepahtiani (traditional Nahua healer).


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3:00 – 4:00 pm EST


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