Courage for Couples III
A Sacred Fire LifeWays Webinar
Sun, Aug. 29, 2021 | 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern (US)
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Dig into the Fertile Ground of Conflict

Did the relationship tools presented in March’s first “Courage for Couples” shift some energies?
Have the communications skills gained in June’s “More Courage for Couples” been helpful?
Don’t miss “Courage for Couples III” to learn how to handle conflict.  It’s OPEN TO EVERYONE.


In this final online workshop, Firekeepers Dusty and Christine Staub will help you dive into working with conflict.


Sometimes, despite a couple’s love, respect and care for each other, conflict arises. Historical triggers and strong emotions, often fed by fatigue and overwhelm, can kick in before there is time to ask for time out or practice healthy communication tools.


In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the essential energies of conflict, what it means and how it moves. You’ll explore its cause and its potentially beneficial effect: there is an inherent gift of closer connection in every storm. Learn how to recognize what’s happening so you and your partner can move as quickly as possible to retreat, reflect, then circle around to respond instead of reacting in the first, heated moments. In this way, conflict can be a way to create an even stronger relationship.


Join Dusty and Christine for this 90-minute session that includes both instruction and practice, and opportunities for questions.



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  • Dusty and Christine Staub

    Dusty and Christine Staub are skilled in well-tested practices that support couples through the rough patches. Dusty and Christine recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. They consider their marriage a “work in progress” and agree that they have learned the most from supporting each other through respective rough patches. They are the parents of three young adult children and have two precocious grandchildren. The Staubs are both initiated Sacred Fire Firekeepers and have been holding community fires since 2005.


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3:00 – 4:30 pm Eastern (US)

Online via Zoom.


This course is being offered as a no-fee event as a gift to the Sacred Fire community. Your donations make events like this and others possible. Please consider making a donation in the spirit of exchange for what you’ll receive during our time together.

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