Opening to the Earth — online
New Approaches to Familiar Places with Laura Gunion, wilderness guide
Saturday, March 18 | 12:00-1:30 pm Eastern (Americas)
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Our mystical connection to nature brings us into full maturity as human beings.


It is never too early—or too late—to open to the earth more fully.

Through our connections, we learn nature’s rhythms and wisdoms, and come to truly understand the cycles of a fruitful life.

That’s why many of us spend as much time as we can traveling into nature—whether it’s a trip into our gardens or an immersive time in the wilderness. Often we delay the journey because it’s not the right moment. But did you know that making that connection is not dependent on the right weather, the right day, or the right season?


Let wilderness guide and naturalist Laura Gunion help you “go there” to restore and relate with your favorite spaces—with Opening to the Earth: New Approaches to Familiar Places.


Laura’s curiosity, acute listening, and precise questioning support people in living boldly and courageously. She’s spent decades mentoring people at all levels of outdoor experience at the Wilderness Awareness School, and she explores the terrain of nature’s inner landscapes in programs she currently co-facilitates at Animas Valley Institute She is bringing Sacred Fire a unique program, one that reveals the possibilities of gaining experiential insights and inspiration through mystical encounters with our memories of familiar places.

Slow down. Remember. Be present with the place that nourishes your soul, even as you commune with others during this 90-minute event.

“A lot of personal growth and living whole-heartedly isn’t about new ideas and what we already know. Instead, how do we remember—and then embody—something in the world? This is a conversation about remembering our connection to the natural world.”
—Laura Gunion

What you’ll bring to our time together:

  • An open mind, a curious heart and a willing spirit
  • Your own memory of a particular place that touched you deeply
  • This might include a keepsake or gift from one of the special places you’ve known and valued

What you’ll receive from our time together: 

  • A way to water the seeds of your deep connection to nature
  • A deeper rooting in our humanity and belonging to this earth
  • Core routines for enlivening earth connection as taught at the Wilderness Awareness School
  • Refreshed relationship, new appreciation and renewed curiosity about familiar places and spaces


  • Laura Gunion

    Laura Gunion
    Laura believes that humans have tremendous potential, much of it hidden and unconscious. As a mentor, wilderness guide, and naturalist, it is both her privilege and responsibility to support others as they encounter their true nature. She feels it’s essential that we grow, not only for ourselves, but also to create thriving cultures that will benefit future generations. She insists on bringing the soulful and sacred into daily living. Her curiosity, acute listening, and precise questioning support people in living boldly and courageously. Laura has been a mentor at Wilderness Awareness School since 2002, and continues to support their 9-month adult program, The Immersion. She has also been guiding at Animas Valley Institute since 2016 where she supports people in expanding their consciousness to deepen their relationships to themselves, their soul and the earth. She lives in the woods above Duvall, WA, where she shares home with Bewick’s wren, black bear, honey bees, her husband, neighbors, pets, and other wild ones.


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Saturday, March 18, 2023
12:00-1:30 pm EDT (Americas)
9:00-10:30 am PDT (Americas)
4:00-5:30 pm GMT (United Kingdom)

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$30 Fee includes the program recording whether or not you can attend the live event.


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