The Courageous Heart Tune-up – Program Filled to Capacity
Online Via Zoom
Weds, Sept 14 | Oct 12 | Nov 9 | Dec 7 | 7 - 9 pm ET (US) +14 in AET
Event Registration is Closed

8 Hours of Tips, Tools and Training to Take on a Fearful World


The antidote to fear is the courage that lives in our hearts.

Calling on courage is a conscious act. No matter where you are in life–your early years of exploration or mature with years of experience–cultivating courage boosts your confidence, effectiveness and ability to stay level-headed and open-hearted in the most trying circumstances

Feeling afraid is a natural response to crisis, loss or important life changes. Even things like speaking up or being seen can feel full of paralyzing risk. Fortunately, each of us carries the antidote to this blinding, overpowering emotion inside us. 

The Courageous Heart Tune-Up is a 4-session online workshop that teaches how emotion (fear) and conscious action (courage) – are meant to dance with each other in a way that transforms difficult times into an amazingly rich life experience.

In four monthly 2-hour webinars, Dusty and Christine Staub will guide you to…

  • Meet your fears and learn the value of fear and your gifts of curiosity and deep listening
  • Develop your courage quotient by learning skills to develop personal courage
  • Model courage in action in community and the larger world
  • Find the courage to let go through the gifts of vulnerability and openness

The four monthly sessions build upon each other. Registration will be closed after the first session, so that the class can bond as a group, allowing for increasing trust, vulnerability and confidence as the program unfolds.

Each participant can adjust what they are exploring according to their own stage of life and type of challenge. Whether young or old, in a committed relationship or not, fears around life’s uncertainty can weigh heavy.

The workshops will offer approaches that can address the loss of a partner or parent; health issues; financial issues; lack of clarity about next steps in life, or whatever stresses are challenging your confidence and creating anxiety.


Teaching and homework methods include: instruction, visualization, journaling, contemplation, exercises between participants and sharing.

Assigned readings and videos will deepen awareness

Journaling prompts and exercises will be provided.

Self-guided review sessions are available between sessions for participants to share, collaborate and practice with each other using Google Groups.


Here are comments from others who’ve participated in the Staub’s workshops and events over 35+ years of service to professional and personal growth:

“A deeply human experience; one that is continuously concerned with developing its participants in ways that are both personally and professionally relevant.” B.M.

“(The workshop sessions) provided me with practical skills, insights and solutions.” B.K.

“Very enlightening and empowering for both your professional and personal life.” S.H.

 “The most relevant of any leadership class that I have attended. Dusty Staub is an excellent teacher, mentor, and facilitator.” K.C.

Plus, when you register for The Courageous Heart Tune-Up you’ll receive these bonuses:

A PDF copy of Courage in the Valley of Death by Dusty Staub

Based on a powerful life experience, Courage in the Valley of Death profiles a personal transformation in understanding and approach to living. This short, highly accessible and engaging book is an inspiring, practical guide to learning to live with greater courage, grace and joy. One reviewer says, “This is not a book to read once. It’s a bedside book you need to open many times…If you find the heart to practice the small acts of courage, this book has the potential to change your life.”

Private Google Group Membership for participants only

A special communication channel available to our workshop cohort both during the months of the sessions and continuing for a final month for additional learning integration. Each month, updates and offerings from the presenters and host will encourage, provoke, and inspire new approaches and perspectives about the materials and experiences.


Register soon, as class size is limited.


  • Christine Staub

    Christine Staub, trained as a family physician, saw her practice evolve into a more integrative approach that attended to patients’ mental, emotional, and spiritual levels as well as physical. She closed her practice to focus her time and skills on a broader scale, particularly community building and sharing the importance of ancestral wisdom. She studied Plant Spirit Medicine with the late Eliot Cowan and helped organize and host the Sacred Fire Ancient Wisdom Rising series of events. Later, she wrote and co-edited the Heard Around the Fire newsletter and co-authored her first book, Cosmic Rhythms: A User’s Manual for Humans. As a wife, mother, grandmother and community leader, Christine is motivated by the nuances of heart-centered leadership and has been Dusty’s thought partner for 30 years. She is a Firekeeper in Greensboro, NC.

  • Dusty Staub

    Dusty Staub started his career as a family and marital therapist. For the last 35 years, he has been a highly sought leadership consultant who helps build purpose, passion and power in individuals, teams and organizations. In particular, his work focuses on emotional intelligence and courage. Author of four books and founder of Eqiq Leadership, Dusty’s perspectives have been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Reader’s Digest, Fortune, and Forbes. Watch his TEDx talk Daily Acts of Courage. Dusty is a Firekeeper in Greensboro, NC.


This event is filled to capacity. If you would like to see us repeat this program in 2023, let us know here:

Event Registration is Closed


8 Hours of training, discussion and practice presented in one 2-hour workshop per month.

September 14, 7:00 – 9:00 pm ET (Americas)
+1 day, 9:00 – 11:00 am AET (Australia)

October 12, 7:00 – 9:00 pm ET (Americas)
+1 day, 9:00 – 11:00 am AET (Australia)

November 9, 7:00 – 9:00 pm ET (Americas)
+1 day, 9:00 – 11:00 am AET (Australia)

December 7, 7:00 – 9:00 pm ET (Americas)
+1 day, 9:00- 11:00 am AET (Australia)

It is recommended that attendees participate in all sessions. However, we will record all programs and make them available for viewing by attendees who miss a session.


This program is a gift from the presenters.
All program fees support the work of Sacred Fire.


Course Plus – Covers all sessions plus half the fee of someone in need – $150 USD
Course Fee – Covers all sessions – $100 USD
Course Supported – Covers all sessions, if this is what you can afford – $50 USD

Couples Course Plus – Covers all sessions plus supports another’s fees – $100 USD
Couples Course Fee – Covers all sessions – $75 USD
Couples Pricing is for life partners who register simultaneously on one registration form. Prices shown are per individual.

For more information

For more information, contact Sherry Boatright at

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