The LifeWork for Women Retreat
Blue Deer Center | New York Catskills
Thur, Aug. 18—Sun, Aug. 21, 2022
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Activating Your Divine Feminine

Be empowered and transformed by 3 days of deepening into the sacred medicine of the Feminine


You’ve heard of the Divine Feminine. She’s nurturing and creative, grounded in love and relationships. She’s a fierce protector, patient, intuitive and wise.

And—these are challenging times. The winds of stubbornness, selfishness and exploitation are wreaking havoc on our earth, politics, health and families.

It’s time to call upon Her powerful medicine. Discover your innate feminine nature as a forceful source of personal strength and wisdom to help you heal your family, workplace and society.


Who should attend this retreat?

  • Every woman who is too stressed or too busy to consider taking off time for herself
  • Every woman who feels there must be a more satisfying and meaningful way to move through life
  • Every woman who yearns for feeling nourished and cleansed and refocused and relaxed and connected to nature and spirit

What you’ll receive:

  • An energetic reset button that discharges anxieties and restores openness and ease
  • Deep soul nourishment fed by sacred lands and waters, an ancestral place of healing wounds and resolving conflicts
  • Traditional cleansing ceremonies that challenge you and dislodge your old habits, doubts and fears
  • Stories and guidance from traditional sources of wisdom that highlight the role of balance in sustainable cultures and societies
  • The company of a variety of women, voices and perspectives in a non-judgmental atmosphere that is accepting of differences
  • Practices that can be taken home after the retreat to strengthen the experience and expression of the Divine Feminine


3 Bonus after-the-retreat online gatherings to keep you supported, learning and growing

These live bonus webinars are only available to event attendees. To prepare for our online retreat time together, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with links to articles, questions and videos that help us build on our time together.

  • Keeping the Work Alive—Practices to Nurture Access to Your Feminine Nature
  • The Body Knows—Letting Your Innate Body Wisdom Guide You Through Today’s World
  • The Golden Years in Community—The Past, the Future, and the Gift of the Meaning of Life

Give yourself what you need to bring the sacred medicine of the Divine Feminine into your family, workplace and society.

Register now.  Our group is limited to 16 women.


Not quite ready to register? Review the full retreat offer here.


  • Annie King

    Originally from Australia, Annie King and her family found themselves living in the United States over 20 years ago. Through a series of serendipitous events including studying Plant Spirit Medicine, she became involved in the building of the Sacred Fire Community through supporting community fires. From the first ones held in the US in September 2001, around the event of 9/11, the fires have spread across the world, and become a place of solace and transformation. Annie is grateful for this opportunity to support this work, and honored to work with the Firekeepers dedicated to bringing Fire to their people.Annie has taught yoga, meditation and stress management in schools and hospitals and private settings both in Australia and the US, offers retreats, and has a healing practice in Florence, SC. She is fortunate to have been initiated as a granicera in the Nahua weather working tradition, and is in the process of becoming a tepahtiani, a healer, in that tradition. She feels incredibly grateful for her loving husband, and her family that now includes two grandchildren that bring her immense joy.

  • Sherry Boatright

    Sherry Boatright received a calling to her spiritual path through Nahua shaman Don Lucio Campos in the central Mexican highlands in 1999 and was initiated as a quiatizques (woman bringer of rain) in this traditional path. From this she became devoted to bringing fire and spirit into community. She became a Firekeeper and participates in growing the organization of Sacred Fire.  She was asked to develop the Lifeways series of programs grounded in the human life stages and is now working to evolve those into a comprehensive whole called Life Cycle Living. Sherry trained as a psychotherapist and had a private practice where she was involved for many years with facilitating women’s groups. She helped to create the Ukalái Women’s Gathering, (now LifeWork for Women: Ukalai) and has offered that program in the US, Mexico, Australia and the UK. She studies Nahua healing and has been initiated as a tepahtiani (traditional Nahua healer).


Register soon. Our group is limited to 16 women.

Gluten and dairy-free meal options are always available;  contact us with additional questions.

Housing options are presented during the registration process.

Need more information? Review the full retreat offer here.

Register Now through Blue Deer's Registration Page


Arrive: Thursday, August 18 between 4 and 6 pm
Depart: Sunday, August 21 after lunch


Retreat Tuition: $400

Meals and Lodging: starts at $525

Need more information? Review the full retreat offer here.

But don’t wait too long. Group size is limited.

For more information

For more information, contact Sherry Boatright at

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