Feel inspired by life’s changes!
Grandfather’s wisdom brings relationship, healing and connection to difficult times. 

Grandfather Fire: an ancient guide and teacher arrives to help.

Traditional cultures throughout the Americas have long known Fire to be a wise and loving presence, and many Aboriginal and First Nations peoples call the Spirit of Fire Grandfather. During Fire Speaks audiences, traditional healer Don David Wiley lends his body so the Spirit of Fire can answer questions from those who come to hear His stories and wisdom.

Spending time with Grandfather Fire and his teachings about living life from Heart has helped thousands find clarity and courage and meet life’s challenges in a new way. Grandfather Fire is wise, funny, provoking, and profoundly insightful. Spending an evening with Him is a unique opportunity to ask your most pressing questions about life’s mysteries and deepen your connection with the sacred spirits of the natural world.


 Now, more than ever, people need connection, wisdom and support.

While Sacred Fire has moved much of our event programming online as a response to the spread of Covid-19, we are offering select community fire and Fire Speaks events where local ordinances allow, following the guidelines of area health care authorities.

Watch this video to learn about “The Grandfather Phenomenon”

Although rarely seen in Western culture, “god-speakers” are not a unique occurrence. Many cultures around  the world have respected and valued spiritual traditions where a traditional healer becomes a conduit for a helping spirit guide, and their communities benefit from this counsel. The Nechung oracle of the Dalai Lama is a well-known example.


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