Humor Lightens Your Heart

Nov 30, 2020

“Just because you’re facing the apocalypse, doesn’t mean you have to do it without humor.”

I don’t remember the exact quote. It was many years ago when I heard Grandfather Fire say it. But that’s the impression it left on me. It reminds me even in times of fear, times of grave seriousness, such as our own strange era, humor can lighten your heart. Like Grandfather Fire, it brings light, it teaches, and it heals. Laughter is involuntary. And it’s medicine—even when facing death.


Patrick Ian Hackney has been sitting around the Sacred Fire for 20 years. He’s a poet, novelist, and actor. He lives in Asheville, NC, with his darling wife and baby girl.








Over 25 years ago, the elemental Source of Fire began speaking through Don David Wiley, a tsaurririkame elder in the Huichol tradition of Mexico. “Grandfather Fire” has spoken with thousands of people who come to hear His guidance about meeting life’s challenges with courage and wisdom, so they can live lives of meaning and purpose.

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