International Firekeeper Summit Shout Out: John Huang, Long Beach, CA, USA

by | May 15, 2023

“I started sitting around Fire with others in 2000, and was initiated as a Sacred Fire Firekeeper in 2005. In all these years I’ve only had to cancel at most three community fires, and one of those times was when my first daughter was born!

“I continue to love what Fire offers. All who attend my community fires, even I as the Firekeeper, get something so important: a safe place where we can be vulnerable and feel safe enough to express ourselves authentically, be accepted and not judged. It is very healing.

“When I think about our upcoming first-ever international Firekeeper Summit, I’m excited about being in a circle of my peers, those who like me understand the commitment we have made to our communities. With Grandfather Fire there in the middle, we will have the opportunity to voice our shared joys and challenges, to strengthen our connection with each other, and to return home renewed for the benefit of our families, friends and community.”

John Huang
Long Beach, CA, USA


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