International Firekeeper Summit Shout Out: Michael Savino, Rougemont, NC, USA

by | May 15, 2023

“I was initiated as a Firekeeper in 2006. Now we’re in 9 countries. I’ve attended many Firekeeper gatherings in the United States, and these always help me deepen my skills and my relationship with our Fire Work, but we’ve never all come together from around the world. It excites me what could emerge out of this opportunity!

“This International Firekeeper Summit feels especially important right now and I’m eager to have as many voices in the mix as possible. I know of Firekeeper colleagues who want to attend but won’t be able to do so unless they get financial support. I’m deeply grateful to everyone who will chip in to provide all the help that is needed.”

Michael Savino
Rougemont, North Carolina, USA

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