Exploring the Phenomenon of Prayer

Does Divine conversation and help exist?

“Prayer helps us to know ourselves more deeply, to know our own true nature, not the perception of self that has been shaped by the good/bad, right/wrong, should/shouldn’t conditioning of the culture in which we were brought up. Cedar trees don’t wonder if they ought to shed their leaves in winter. The fox doesn’t wonder if it should be a beaver. The clouds don’t wonder whether they should let the wind carry them. But we humans question everything! We are often lost, stressed, and confused about who we really are and what our gifts are. We might even believe we don’t have any gifts, which can lead to despair. We all have gifts! Prayer can help a lot in discovering that we’re not alone and that there is much help for us to access our authentic expression and the unique gifts we came here to learn about and to offer.”


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We all have experiences of suddenly “just knowing” what decision to make or what
direction to choose. There’s something within us that senses the world listens to us
and responds to our supplications. (Look at all of us who talk to our plants!) But what’s
behind that? Is there more? How do we take this further?
The word Divine has been used to refer to the sacred energies and mysteries of life—incomprehensible to our rational minds—that exist within and around us. It’s a way of describing what happens in those moments of silence, when we reach into our hearts for guidance and perspective.

Prayer—the effort to communicate with Divine—is common to almost all cultures and traditions. There is a natural human tendency to call out to the universe in anticipation of a response and to seek a way to reach deep communion with nature. How this is described depends on the tradition. Prayer, supplication, invocation, and meditation all point to a type of settling and opening to something beyond our limited identities.

In this three-day program, we explore simple, effective techniques of communicating with Divine, both to open to something larger when we feel blind or stuck and to achieve guidance and clarity that we can bring to our 21st-century lives.

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