Initiation into Adulthood

A ceremonial awakening to life purpose

Becoming an adult may be the most important transition of our lives.

We leave parents and home, tasked with finding our way in the world.

Too often this extraordinary life transition is not acknowledged. Young people are left to fend for themselves,  bewildered by a jumble of new feelings, expectations, demands and possibilities. They’re given little to no clear wisdom about how to move with what lies ahead.

In earlier times, it was well known that young people need support during this transition. They would be taken by elders into a special time and place, to have an experience that sufficiently challenged them to leave behind their life and perspective as a child.  They returned with the courage, vision, knowledge and support to take up their life as an adult in their community.

The traditional way to cross into adulthood is through Initiation.

This experience transforms children nurtured by parents into adults nurtured by the world.

Sacred Fire LifeWays offers young women’s and men’s Initiation programs to help today’s youth navigate their deeper motivations and forge a stronger relationship with self, community, nature and spirit. 

The youth who emerge from this experience are self-assured young adults who know how to learn and know both their gifts and shortcomings. They’ve touched what it takes to bring forth their best for the benefit of community and the future. Their experience is a mark of personal achievement that can open the pathway of acting from their heart’s knowing.


The transformation is a spiritual experience that defies articulation.


Initiation into Adulthood:
a ceremonial awakening to life purpose

Applications to these programs are open to young people aged 16 to 24.

  • Initiation is individualized for each candidate and structured differently for women and men.
  • Both programs are supervised by elder tradition-holders who are trained and authorized to offer support for the transition to adulthood.
  • Initiates receivie on-going mentorship to support integration of their experences.

Initiation into Adulthood for Young Women:
Sacred Emergence

Inquire about applying for Sacred Emergence

Initiation into Adulthood for Young Men:
Sacred Awakening

Inquire about applying for Sacred Awakening

“When I emerged from my own initiation three years ago, I wondered how the experience would continue to impact me. Naturally, the next two years unfolded how they were supposed to. By creating an intentional and ritual separation from my mother and my childhood, I created enough space to finally connect to my core and discover the essence of who I was as a woman. And I found that as I followed this deep, feminine, instinctual self, more and more opportunities and connections flowed naturally into my life.”

SYLVIE LAM > Boulder, CO

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