LifeWork for Women

Experience Ukalai for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

“Our time together touched something very deep in me, a place that I didn’t even know needed exploring. Long-held assumptions were shattered, opening new channels of self-awareness and compassion.”


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In today’s world, we face confounding problems that demand more and more of us in order to live a good life. Historically, in many cultures, adults have taken time each year to gather with elders and ground themselves in their essence—women with women and men with men. Meeting in this way creates balance and renews the coherence between the feminine and the masculine at a time when this balance has been culturally interrupted.

The feminine is incredibly strong and connective, like the force that both gives and holds life together. In traditional cultures there are regular times when women come together with elder women to become reoriented, refocused, and renewed. Women’s LifeWork gatherings are a coming together for this purpose—to fold ourselves back into the whole and reconnect to the capacity of the feminine.

Our “women’s business” is to stand firmly, in the very midst of our troubled culture, and bring forth the true gifts of the feminine to our partners and children, our communities and our world in this time of tremendous global change.

Sacred Fire Women’s LifeWork builds on the work that is being offered at women’s fires, and is open to all women whether or not they attend women’s fires.

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