Sacred Fire Organizations

Sacred Fire works with its sister organization to support our world’s journey to a more balanced way of life.

We call this journey home The Great Endeavor.

Scanning the news these days, it can feel like we are facing an overwhelming number of inter-related crises that include political and economic polarization and destruction of the natural world. The very foundations of our way of life seem suddenly fragile, and fear and anxiety are only heightened as we find ourselves more isolated by the very technology that is meant to connect us.

There is an alternative. As many traditional cultures have understood, we need wisdom to chart our way forward. This wisdom comes from the heart, known throughout the world as the element of Fire.

In addition to sparking the creation of the international Sacred Fire organization, Grandfather Fire brought forth Blue Deer as a place to receive the kind of spiritual healing that supports both individual well-being and healthier communities with the deep roots to flourish well into the future.

The Blue Deer Center is a home for programs of ancestral wisdom and healing, where individuals experience and learn from ancient traditions, taking with them knowledge and practices that can be integrated into their everyday lives.

Blue Deer offers a place to experience something profound—a deep, meaningful connection with the world, an awareness of our relationship with others, and an exploration of our own purpose.

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