The Challenging Path is the One to Choose

Nov 25, 2022

Grandfather was asked about the pandemic and how hard it has made our lives.

He reminded us that the difficulties we experience in these times are nothing compared to those of our ancestors. When difficulties arise, we have choices to make and, through this process, we choose whether or not to become greater than our challenges.

This inspires me, because its a reminder that ultimately our growth and healing is in our own hands. Our resilience and strength is to be honed and developed through overcoming our difficulties. We are encouraged to lean in to the hard work instead of hoping that an omnipotent being will take away the hardship and “make everything better.” While we have the support of the Gods as we do our work, our growth is ours to cultivate and move through with our every day decisions. Living life this way can help inspire others who are experiencing their own difficulties. That helps me to see that as much as my mind wants me to take the easy path, my heart knows that the challenging path is the one I’m being asked to walk. I may stumble and fall spectacularly along the way, but there is always help to be had. From divine, from each other and from my own quiet, humble heart voice that tells me “its okay, let’s get up and try again.”




Kristina Deacon is a program coordinator and natural products expert. She has been sitting around the sacred fire since 2011.










Over 25 years ago, the elemental Source of Fire began speaking through Don David Wiley, a tsaurririkame elder in the Huichol tradition of Mexico. “Grandfather Fire” has spoken with thousands of people who come to hear His guidance about meeting life’s challenges with courage and wisdom, so they can live lives of meaning and purpose.

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