The Evil of “Good vs. Bad”

Sep 2, 2021

“In My view, evil is very human—it’s not a divine thing.

“It is an echo, a resonance, reaction, or amplification of ignorance. It contains no understanding of balance. It just proclaims that when things are out of balance—without seeing the imbalance—that things are ‘bad’ or ‘evil.’

“The more you love one aspect and reject another aspect, the more you get away from resolution. You create confusion and denial. How does that help you on the path to clarity? The more you buy into the ‘good-versus-bad’ mindset, the more you are involved in isolation and distortion.”

Excerpted from Heard Around the Fire, pages 25-26

Over 25 years ago, the elemental Source of Fire began speaking through Don David Wiley, a tsaurririkame elder in the Huichol tradition of Mexico. “Grandfather Fire” has spoken with thousands of people who come to hear His guidance about meeting life’s challenges with courage and wisdom, so they can live lives of meaning and purpose.

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