The Spirit of Fire

by | Nov 14, 2019

We’re surrounded by media telling us that times are grim, and the future looks bleak. But a quick look at history shows us this is nothing new. Human beings have always been tested, individually and in community, by tragedy and challenge.

“You’ll do like your ancestors did. You’ll leave the fire and feel like you had this dose of inspiration, this dose of this mysterious sense of connecting to yourself deeper, to that mysterious, scary human being over there, who is no longer scary. You say, ‘That person is me, and I’m them.'”
—Grandfather Fire

Keeping our connection to our purpose and our vision can be difficult as we navigate the landscapes of our lives. We so easily get lost and confused.

Throughout time, human communities have turned to Fire for heat, connection, light, enlightenment and guidance.

to help us as we move through times of great change. As has happened in the past—in cultures around the world—the Spirit of Fire has selected a person to serve as an oracle, so that the people of our culture can reconnect and find guidance. This is truly a rare and precious phenomenon, and it’s available to us right now.

Learn more about Fire Speaks and the journey of Don David Wiley, who serves as the oracle for the Spirit of Fire, in our new video:

We invite you to ignite your courage and explore something both ancient and new. Come and join us at upcoming Fire Speaks events, which happen throughout the year around the world.

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