You Belong Here

Nov 30, 2021

At a Fire Speaks event, Grandfather Fire’s words are “felt” as much—or more—than they are “heard.” We present His words below, formatted as a poem, to help readers who have never been to a Fire Speaks event get a better feel for what that very special ceremonial experience is like.

to help you stay
connected to that divine movement in life,
to help you feel
that you belong here,
you are a part of it,
that you feel a place here, a role here.

And also My presence,
that was and is instrumental.

Coming together,
no longer foraging in the landscape,

in circle….

Once again
to be part
of each others’ lives
and you in your own life.

—Grandfather Fire
Asheville, NC, 2020

Excerpted from Ignite, Issue 13

Over 25 years ago, the elemental Source of Fire began speaking through Don David Wiley, a tsaurririkame elder in the Huichol tradition of Mexico. “Grandfather Fire” has spoken with thousands of people who come to hear His guidance about meeting life’s challenges with courage and wisdom, so they can live lives of meaning and purpose.

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