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The Fire Practice Primer

An Introduction to Fire’s Medicine


Cover by Karla Refoxo Sacred Fire Fire Practice Primer

Curious what a relationship with Fire’s essence could bring into your life?

This eBook features 24 richly illustrated pages that will guide you toward a heart-opening relationship with Fire that will feed your soul and bring benefits to your family, your work and your community.


Get Fired Up

9 Ways to Bring More Fire into your Day-to-Day


Get Fired Up Poster from Sacred Fire

Fire’s energy is connective, compelling and contagious.

It’s joyful, warm, mysterious and the same energy that fuels our hearts. If you want to cultivate being “Heart-centered,” here are 9 ways to boost your innate heart-fire.

PDF formatted for high-resolution, 8.5 x 11″ printing


Rejoice with Spring

When in doubt, look to Nature

Rejoice with Spring

A call to courage

In the Northern Hemisphere, Covid emerged with the crocus in Spring 2020. This moment became a lesson in resilience: rejoice with Spring/ resist the cold/ fear is the pandemic/ of the soul

PDF formatted for high-resolution, 8.5 x 11″ printing


Fire Speaks about Courage

Our lives are so much more than our fears let us believe


Sacred Fire - Grandfather Fire speaks about courage

Grandfather Fire’s provoking words to live by:

“Live must be more diverse and creative and built to offer more than just ‘How do I protect myself? How do I get away with not being destroyed by something?'”

PDF formatted for high-resolution, 8.5×11″ printing

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