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Cover by Karla Refoxo Sacred Fire Fire Practice Primer

Helpful and inspirational “how-to guides” and printable posters that share information about the medicine of Fire and the wisdom of Heart, including The Fire Practice Primer.

Wisdom Webcasts

In early  2020, Covid-19 began touring the world, disrupting what we once called “normal life.” Sacred Fire elder and traditional healer Don David Wiley considers this phenomenon from a traditional, “earth-wisdom” perspective.


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Posts about fire, nature, wisdom, healing, ceremonies, personal growth, natural disasters and more. Have a post you’d like to contribute? Contact us here.  

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Sacred fires are held monthly all over the world, in-person and online. They’re open to everyone. Find your nearest in-person fire and get the list of “online-only” fire circles, held in two languages and 10 global time zones. 


Fire Speaks

Quote from Grandfather Fire

Quotes from Grandfather Fire coming soon

Since 1996, Fire has been speaking to the people. Known by many names—Grandfather Fire, Our Grandfather, Tatewari, Xiuhtecuhtli, Agni—the Spirit of Fire brings wisdom from the dawn of creation to people everywhere.


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