Become a Fire Keeper

Transform yourself.

Transform others.

Transform the world—through the medicine of fire.


Be a Firekeeper


At a time when so many people feel isolated and unsettled by the world’s constant changes, you can make a difference.

Since earliest times, in cultures around the world, Firekeepers have been known to work with sacred fires in a way that can facilitate people’s deeper connection, understanding, and appreciation for self, community and the mysteries of the natural world.  Fostering these relationships has been honored as essential to the fabric of the community for millenia.


The path of Fire Keeping is one of deep service and commitment to your community.

With Grandfather Fire’s inspiration and guidance, Sacred Fire has developed an in-depth training for Firekeepers that includes both online instruction and in-person facilitation study and practice.

After successfully completing their apprenticeship, Firekeepers receive an initiation into their new role. They are supported in their continued learning and skill-building through online trainings and at annual Firekeeper gatherings held in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia.


Being a Firekeeper is a Spiritual Calling.

If you feel it in your heart, you’ll know it’s a path you need to follow to embody your passion for helping others and helping our world. Firekeeping is a lifelong commitment that will benefit your self, family, and community in profound and amazing  ways.

What Fire Keepers Say

“Stepping into this work challenged me to my core—it was literally walking through the process of being transformed. When I surrendered, and went to be Initiation, this changed my life forever. My connection to fire grew deeper and my spirit felt the blessing of holding this sacred work.“ —Sylvia

“I could have never imagined the transformations I’ve undergone when I began my fire keeping journey. I feel so much more whole. I am standing in who I am more and more often.”  —Tibrata

“Everyone had a different opinion. People were getting hot and testy with each other and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I just trusted Fire’s presence. We focused on the fire, did a bit of drumming together, and sat in silence a while.  Then someone said it seemed like all our differences were like signs of the zodiac. Everybody sees the world a little bit different than everybody else, but we’re all important to how the world is supposed to be. People nodded. The tension was gone. I was so relieved. Grandfather Fire really has my back.” —Sharon

“By the end of the fire together, there was a silence so deep you could feel it. The young woman who’d been crying so hard before had a glow. We all could see it. I got chills. In that moment I knew that my Firekeeping was a gift unlike any I’d ever been able to offer people before.”

“What is the journey to becoming a Sacred Fire Firekeeper about? It begins with a desire to explore the unknown and to see what binds us together as human beings…”

—From The Path to Firekeeping in the Sacred Fire Blog


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