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For as long as we have been human, we have been sitting by the fire. In cultures around the world, Firekeepers—those who hold the space and guide their communities in connection through Fire—have been honored as essential to the fabric of the community. Becoming a Firekeeper is a direct way to bring needed medicine and balance to our communities at a time when so many feel isolated and unsettled in the face of changes taking place in our world.

The path of Fire Work is one of deep service and commitment to one’s community. With Grandfather Fire’s inspiration and guidance, Sacred Fire has developed an in-depth training for Firekeepers, guiding the training, initiation, and ongoing education of those who feel called to this path. Becoming a Firekeeper is a lifelong commitment to serve your community and to hone your skills through continuing education.

If you are interested in following the path of Fire Work and to take on such a commitment, spend some time sitting by the fire yourself, and feel deeply into your relationship with Fire. Make an effort to attend Sacred Fire community fires in locations near you to get a sense of how Firekeepers work with their communities. Contemplate the nature of the commitment and what it would mean in your life.

If this feels like an important movement for your life, we’d like to hear about your interest and inspiration.

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