“I find myself, without any effort, going inward to a deeper place in my heart.”


Every month, people participate in one of humanity’s oldest traditions—
gathering around a sacred fire.


All people alive today are descended from ancestors who lived in the earliest days of humanity. Our ancestors depended on Fire’s protection, warmth, light and energy. 

This relationship with Fire went beyond mere utility.

Time spent around sacred fires helped people ground and center their emotions, relationships and concerns. Fire deepens connection with nature, quiets the mind, and enlivens spiritual awareness. As our world grows faster and more complex, we’ve forgotten the benefits of Fire.


Sacred Fire reignites this tradition today.

What people say

“Sitting around the fire, in community with others, being witnessed, held, supported, and seen—is the safest I have ever felt.”

“The simplicity of the fires makes them accessible and their depth gradually becomes apparent. At times the experience is mysterious and deeply moving, and it has enriched my understanding of what prayer really is.”

Director of Firekeeping Sylvia Law invites you to experience the medicine of fire.


Community fires offer a welcoming place for everyone to be who we are—human beings with concerns, inspirations, passions and life challenges. 

These monthly gatherings are hosted by Firekeepers trained in the time-honored principles of Fire Work—how to expand and enrich our relationships through the connective and transformative power of Fire. Being together around fire in this way is an ancient “alternative medicine” that opens an opportunity for personal and group transformation.


We carry the benefits back to our homes,  communities and the world.

Find Your Fire

Sacred Fire hosts community fires throughout the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, Greece and Australia.

Find Your Fire

Become a Firekeeper

Our world today really needs the gifts of Fire and the connection to life and community Fire brings. If you feel a calling to learn the skills of Fire Work, please contact us.

Firekeepers undertake a year-long orientation and training before becoming initiated and authorized to host sacred fires for their communities. Firekeepers make a commitment to hold Fires monthly for their community and to engage in continuing education to cultivate their skills.

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What people say

“I left the community fire lighter, freer, and more human, unburdened of the weight of what I’d been carrying and more connected to those around me…I was filled with the sense of having found a place where it’s okay to be as I am. ”

“The biggest impact the fires have blessed me with is the valuable tools that still help me in my day-to-day life a decade later. To put it simply: Remembering to listen to my heart and not believe everything that my mind has to say.”

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