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Every month, people take part in one of humanity’s oldest traditions—sitting together around a sacred fire.


All people alive today are descended from ancestors who lived in the earliest days of humanity. All our ancestors depended on Fire’s protection, warmth, light and energy, and their relationship with Fire went beyond mere utility.


They understood the power of Fire to open hearts and forge courageous, compassionate connection to self, others and nature.


Time spent around sacred fires helped people connect with Spirit, resolve conflicts and deepen relationships. As our world grows faster and more complex, we’ve forgotten the benefits of Fire.


Sacred Fire reignites this relationship once again.

Watch this video and feel real connection

Sacred fires offer a welcoming place for everyone to be who we are—human beings with concerns, inspirations, passions, and life challenges.

We practice active listening and speaking authentically from the heart as the fire flickers.  That’s the magic for personal and group transformation.

We carry the benefits back to our homes,  communities and the world.



Sacred Fire hosts community fires throughout the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, Greece and Australia.

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“I left the community fire lighter, freer, and more human, unburdened of the weight of what I’d been carrying and more connected to those around me…I was filled with the sense of having found a place where it’s okay to be as I am. ”

JESSE ABERCROMBE > Sacred Fire Carrollton, GA

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