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"My heart is full of something I didn't know I needed!"
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"I feel an incredible realization…I've found home."
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"I feel healthier in mind and body for being here."
Find a Fire near You
Be a Fire Keeper.

Find deeper meaning in this non-stop world.

Experience the Wisdom of Sacred Fire.

Sacred Fire Flame invites all to circle around
Quiet your mind. Open your heart to nature and spirit.

Discover Fire’s “alternative medicine” of connection, relationship, and healing.

Not only for yourself, but for all humanity.

Sacred Fire Community FIre on the Beach

Transform yourself. Transform others. Transform the world—through relationship with Fire, the energetic essence at the center of all spiritual traditions. 

Sacred Fire River Mountain and LifeWays

Sacred Fire’s LifeWays programs help people rediscover the healthy wisdom of living life aligned and in relationship with Nature.

Grandfather Fire Speaks at Sacred Fire

What would you like to know about life? About yourself? The powerful, mysterious essence of Fire is one of the world’s first and greatest teachers. 

Upcoming Events

I left feeling like I had found something that’s been awaiting in my destiny for a long time. There’s So much I can say, but I’m going to leave it at this; I’m incredibly grateful for last night and I will be back.


Sacred Fires during Covid


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The Story of Humans and Fire—how our human journey began
Grandfather Fire’s Wisdom—teachings from Grandfather Fire
The Fire Practice Primer—how you can personally relate with Fire
Heard Around the Fire—a book full of Grandfather’s life lessons
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