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"My heart is full of something I didn't know I needed!"
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"I feel an incredible realization…I've found home."
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"I feel healthier in mind and body for being here."
Find a Fire near You
Find your fire.

Yearning for deeper meaning in this non-stop world?
Come sit by a sacred fire.

Sacred Fire Flame invites all to circle around
Quiet your mind. Open your heart to nature and spirit.
Discover Fire’s “alternative medicine” of connection, relationship, and healing.

Not only for yourself, but for all of humanity.

Sacred Fire Community FIre on the Beach

Every month around the world, people gather to experience the mysterious healing power of Fire

Sacred Fire River Mountain and LifeWays

Sacred Fire’s LifeWays programs teach people how to live life in alignment with Nature’s cycles

Grandfather Fire Speaks at Sacred Fire

Fire’s spiritual presence guides people to a Heart-filled future with wisdom, love, and courage

Now more than ever, people need connection, wisdom and support. Sacred Fire has moved much of our event programming online to slow the spread of Covid-19. We are also offering select Community Fire and Fire Speaks events where local ordinances allow, following the guidelines of area health care authorities.

Upcoming Events

Sitting around the fire, in community with others, being witnessed, held, supported, and seen is the safest I have ever felt.

—Sacred Fire participant

Sacred Fires during Covid

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