Exploring Life Cycle Living

An online journey through the stages of our lives

This program’s online exploration starts a conversation

—both within us and between us—to awaken an innate wisdom that has nearly been lost in the speed and progress of life today: Life Cycle Living.

Together, we remember and recover stages of our lives that we may not have fully experienced—perhaps because we were encouraged to ignore them. We identify the empowering gifts that each stage offers—recognizing what’s passed and anticipating what’s yet to come.

As we experience the importance of moving through life’s changes in a meaningful way, we discover that life is not linear, it is a series of cycles—and thus it is possible to reclaim and renew as we move through our days, drawing on Nature’s wisdom

to benefit not only the individual but the entire community.


“In listening to and learning about how each stage of life contains a particular gift for community as well as a job of personal growth, I felt some pain and sadness at how I had moved in my own life, as a father and young man, without proper guidance to navigate that part of my life. This discovery awakened a need to grieve and let go of old sadness and shame, and to claim a deeper sense of purpose in my work and a stronger connection with my children, who are now young adults.”


Upcoming Events

Coming soon:
Courage for Couples—Partnership as a Work in Progress in March
Living Life Aligned with Nature—a four-part series in May and June

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