Living life aligned with Nature

“LifeWays are approaches to living with the natural cycles of life.

This is a profoundly simple yet effective way to move through our lives so that as we grow, we benefit from the awareness of who we are becoming and create fruitful actions and outcomes.

As we begin to understand the qualities of our different life stages, we awaken to the challenges and opportunities of each, enabling us to move through blocks or limiting patterns.

We embrace our place in the natural pattern of a human life, within community, bringing benefit to ourselves and our families.”

—Sherry Boatright > Director of  LifeWays Programs

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Human societies throughout history matured through life stages supported by teachings on how to move with the changes, ceremonies and practices to help alignt with the natural world, and initiations that catalyze major life transitions, such as from childhood to adulthood.

Sacred Fire LifeWays programs provide workshops, online webcasts, and ceremonies that help bring forth the wisdom and gifts of each phase of life. We call this alignment Life Cycle Living.


Let’s face it—Googling “the meaning of life” won’t answer your question.

It’s ironic that so many feel we are losing an awareness and appreciation of “how life is” with the amount of information at our fingertips. With readily available explanations for everything, something in all of us knows there’s more to our lives than a bunch of facts.

Many of us find ourselves struggling to cope with the natural changes that are part of every human life. We can easily feel like we’re blindly scurrying through a maze of situations with an underlying fear that it’s all hopeless. Is there a reason we age, or is the loss of youth a flaw that we should try to overcome at all costs? And what of death—an almost taboo topic that many see as “the worst possible thing”—that is simply a part of every human life?

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