Community fires happen monthly
in cities and towns just like yours
and online via Zoom

Sacred Fire is an international community of local fire circles who host monthly fire gatherings open to all.

We seek to help people reconnect to themselves, each other, and the natural world in order to live a life of relationships, awareness, and purpose—not only for themselves but for humanity. Through the shared experience of the influence of fire as a source of wisdom and transformation, people can achieve the balance they seek amid the challenges of today’s society.

“Moving forward from my time spent at the gathering, I feel change. Simple, effective, positive change.”


For everyone’s ancestors, fire was the emotional and spiritual center of community where people came together to refocus, renew, and connect with each other and the world around them. Today, many of us have lost this center and as a result, we seek solutions to modern problems without addressing the root of these problems: disconnection of heart, mind, and spirit.

“Now more than ever, I must embrace my heart, embrace the fire in me, to truly live harmoniously with the world.”



Over 70 Firekeepers offer community fires in 8 countries,
including the United States, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Ireland and Mexico and  the United Kingdom. All in-person fires follow the recommendations of local regulations for outdoor gatherings, and we also offer Online Fire Circles in 10 global time zones and two languages.


“Joining in community through virtual technology heals and fills an ache that has no words to describe. I’m so grateful!”


Some day…Covid will be more of a memory and less of a day-to-day concern. We look forward to gathering again in large groups, shoulder-to-shoulder, heart-to-heart. Meanwhile, fires are still happening, both in-person and online. Lives are still being shared, and people continue to find growth, learning, connection and healing around a sacred fire.

Find your fire here. You’ll also have a chance to receive a free “Fire Starter Kit” that will introduce you to Fire’s medicine—how to quiet your mind and begin to hear the voice of Heart.

Learn more about Community Fires here.

Hear more voices speak about the offerings from Sacred Fire on our Blog.


  • Your Local Firekeeper

    Sacred Fires are hosted by Firekeepers who are trained, initiated, and receive continuing education in how to host and facilitate community fires.  Firekeepers learn the ancient principles of Fire Work—a particular way to “hold space” and work with Fire’s powers of illumination and transformation—to bring about healing through deeper connections and relationships with oneself, community, and the sacred living world around us.


Some community fires begin with potlucks, others do not. Some community fires have early hours for young families, others do not. Some fires have set times to end the evening. Others are more open-ended. Each fire is unique. Visit our Find Your Fire page and contact a local firekeeper to learn more.


There is no charge to attend a community fire. However, donations offered as a token of exchange for the benefits received around the fire are very appreciated. Firekeepers voluntarily take on the life-long commitment of preparing and holding space for others because they’ve found the medicine of Fire to be a powerful antidote to many of the spiritual, social and emotional challenges in the world. Your generosity helps fuel everyone’s Fire.


Typically there is no registration process to attend a community fire. However, during Covid times fire attendance is limited to comply with local ordinances and an RSVP may be requested. Online fires do require pre-registration with Zoom. Visit our Find Your Fire page and contact a local firekeeper to learn more.

For more information

For more information, contact our Fire Chief if you have questions about becoming a Firekeeper at

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