Death and the Circle of Life with Don David Wiley
An Online Webcast
Sat. March 13 | 11:00 am EST (US) | 4:00 pm GMT (UK)
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Living life fully includes embracing life’s end

This webcast and discussion explores our physical, spiritual and emotional relationships with death and the opportunities death presents for life’s renewal and regeneration.

It will be led by Don David Wiley, a traditional healer, ceremonial and ritual leader, and teacher.

Don David has welcomed and baptized the newborn, initiated the young into adulthood, provided counseling and healing for others. He has also buried the dead and helped escort their souls to their final resting place, as he has been providing advice about death and dying, and funerary rites for over 20 years. During this workshop, Don David will draw upon his 25 years of experience of guiding people through all of life’s stages and cycles to present a thoughtful and provocative exploration of the importance of death to how we live our lives in the present, as well as how death opens us to the greater mystery of our soul’s purpose.


  • Don David Wiley

    Don David Wiley

    While living in Mexico in the mid-90’s Don David Wiley had a transformational experience with the Spirit of Fire that changed his life. From this point he then began the long road of apprenticing and eventual initiation into two living indigenous traditions in Mexico: the Nahua and the Huichol. He would then become a teacher of these traditions and their medicine to those who would be called to these paths. Since then he has welcomed and baptized the newborn, initiated the young into adulthood, provided counseling and healing for others, buried the dead and helped escort their souls to their final resting place. As part of his work, Don David has also helped institute the Sacred Fire Foundation, to provide grants to indigenous groups around the world, and helped establish Sacred Fire, an international community dedicated to reconnecting people to heart, to each other, and the world through the Spirit of Fire and Firekeeping.


Saturday, March 13

8:00 am – 9:30 am Pacific (US)

11:00 am – 12:30 pm Eastern (US)

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm GMT (UK)


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