Grandfather Fire Speaks—Scotland, Heart & Hearth
Broomlee Centre | Scottish Borders, SCT
June 10-12, 2022

A special weekend of reconnection, recreation and renewal.

This joyous weekend gathering will bring people together from around the world. Lodging and food will be provided. Our time with Grandfather Fire will be heightened by these ancient, mysterious lands.

Our event retreat center is near Edinburgh, a city well-served by public transport (bus, train and air).
General information about getting to Edinburgh is provided here.

Grandfather Fire’s stories and lessons about the dynamic interplay of Heart and Mind have helped people find a new way to relate to the world and its challenges. He cuts through doubt, confusion and illusion with a long-view perspective that delivers tried-and-true ways to find connection, compassion, learning, growth and healing. He’s wise, funny, provoking and astonishingly insightful.

For over 20 years, Grandfather Fire—called “Tatewari” by Mexico’s Indigenous Huichol people—has been sharing teachings, sacred stories and life guidance with people all over the world. Find out more information about this phenomenon here.

Grandfather Fire has been a friend and teacher to humans since the time before time. Spending an evening with Him can be a life-changing event. You are invited to come sit around a sacred fire and receive Grandfather Fire’s wisdom and counsel as He answers our questions.


“What you experience with Grandfather is like an education for your soul.”

“Wow, there were so many things I liked, and that I am still processing and absorbing. I liked the pace of the event, the location and the care that was given to all the participants. Thank you for sharing this experience!”



At this time we will follow the Country and local guidelines of Scotland.  Additional details will be provided with your registration.  Questions? Contact Sylvia Law at:


  • Grandfather Fire

    Grandfather Fire—Traditional cultures throughout the Americas have long known Fire to be a wise and loving presence. Many Aboriginal and First Nations peoples call the Spirit of Fire Grandfather. During Fire Speaks audiences, traditional healer Don David Wiley lends his body so the Spirit of Fire can answer questions from those who come to hear His stories and wisdom.  Spending time with Grandfather Fire and his teachings about living life from Heart has helped thousands find clarity and courage to meet life’s challenges in a new way. Grandfather Fire is wise, funny, provoking, and profoundly insightful. Spending an evening with Him is a unique opportunity to ask your most pressing questions about life’s mysteries and deepen your connection with the sacred spirits of the natural world.


Registration is now open.

For travel information view or download this PDF



Friday, 10th June, 2022

4:00 pm            Arrival/checkin/greetings/ settle/put up tent if camping

5:00 pm            Welcome & Orientation

6:00 pm            Dinner

7:30 pm            Social Fire


Saturday, 11th June, 2022

8:00 am            Breakfast*

10:00 am          Gather around the Fire

11:30 pm          Guest speakers

12:30pm           Lunch*

3:00pm             Community Ceilidh

6:00 pm            Dinner*

7:30pm             Gather around the fire for the Audience with Grandfather.

Sunday 12th June, 2022

8:00 am            Breakfast*

10:00 am          Post GrandFather Fire Discussion

12:00 am          Departure

*Meals will be provided for those who prepaid during online registration.

If you are staying offsite you are welcome to bring your own food and join others at meal time.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements when booking.


Lodging & Meals Friday- Sunday
Meals are not provided for those who are staying offsite.


  • Adult Dorm room, meals included $375 (about £300)
  • Adult Dorm Single Room, meals included  $475 (about £375)
  • Adult Camping, meals included $325 (about £255)
  • Adult staying offsite, no meals $250 (about £195)
  • Adult Fire Speaks ONLY, June 11th 7pm arrival $130 (about £105)


  • Child (6-14yrs) Lodging & Meals $155 (about £125)
  • Child (6-14yrs) Offsite, no meals FREE
  • Child (0-5yrs) FREE

For more information

For more information, contact Sylvia Law at

Hosting Firekeeper(s): Sylvia Law

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