LifeWork for Women and Men 

Restore your connection, renew your clarity, and refresh your spirit.

From time to time, it is common to find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and losing sight of our life’s vision.


Traditionally, people have gathered regularly, as groups of men and as groups of women, to take a break from the weight and fogginess of their burdens and to revitalize connection and purpose in their lives.

Held in beautiful locations around the world, these gatherings provide just this opportunity to rejuvenate our energies, reconnect with the powerful essences of the masculine and the feminine, and restore a sense of purpose.

We offer several opportunities for women and men to come together, strengthen their connection to the world, and emerge with greater clarity to meet the challenges of their lives,

Ukilái – LifeWork for Men

A three-day retreat led by elders specializing in men’s work.

Ukalai – LifeWork for Women

A three-day retreat led by elders specializing in women’s work.

Local Men’s and Women’s Fires

Held regularly, women’s and men’s fres sustain our connection to the masculine and feminine in our daily lives and help us work through issues particular to being men or women. Inquire about the availability of these fires in your area.


Upcoming Events

Coming soon:
Courage for Couples—Partnership as a Work in Progress in March
Living Life Aligned with Nature—a four-part series in May and June

“In listening to and learning about how each stage of life contains a particular gift for community as well as a job of personal growth, I felt some pain and sadness at how I had moved in my own life, as a father and young man, without proper guidance to navigate that part of my life. This discovery awakened a need to grieve and let go of old sadness and shame, and to claim a deeper sense of purpose in my work and a stronger connection with my children, who are now young adults.”


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