Ritaka: An Annual Gathering of Young Adults

Learn from each other. Share with the world.

“The fire crackles and burns brighter as one of us places another piece of wood into the center. The flame in our hearts does the same as we express ourselves, placing our fears and joys into the circle and igniting a flame of a different kind. The young men and women sitting around the fire laugh as another “so bad it’s good” joke is shared. As we talk, the words move with a joyful ease, like a conversation between old friends, flowing between stillness and movement as we all take our turns listening and sharing. The topics ebb and flow and the emotions move with it.”


Upcoming Events
No events are scheduled at this time.

Ritaka is a summer gathering for young people, created by young people. We camp together for a three-day weekend as a way to deepen our connection to and learn from each other. Ritaka is part listening, part teaching, part dancing and a whole lot of laughter. Everyone brings some of their own unique gifts to share with the group—a song you wrote, a special teaching to share, your favorite dance moves, a story you love, a recipe passed down… together these gifts make the weekend special.

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