Heart Stories from Sacred Fire

A periodic eZine with short posts, memes and tips that feed the spirit, nurture wisdom, and strengthen resilience.

Issue 5

  • Where Does Courage Come From?
  • Someone Asked: How Can I Protect Myself?
  • Staying In, In Spring
  • Extending Family
  • The Relief in Naming Our Fear
  • Resources for Nurturing Heart and Mind
  • Not Cancelled
  • Sacred Fires – In Person and Online

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Issue 4

  • What Don David Said
  • Nature Itself Has Crashed the System
  • Help Offered
  • Hug Promised
  • What Children Need Now
  • What’s Funny About Covid-19?
  • For Eyes and Ears
  • Resources to Nurture Heart and Mind
  • Virtual and Alternative Sacred Fires

Issue 3

  • Remember January?
  • 2020: A Great and Prosperous Adventure
  • Guilty Hugs
  • Hug a Tree if You Can’t Hug Me
  • Tilting the Balance
  • The Choice
  • Pause, Reconsider and Start Living Differently
  • Virtual and Remote Sacred Fires

Issue 2

  • We Humans are So Adaptable
  • Notes at the Creek
  • Many Empty Beds
  • What Ibarra Chocolate Showed Me
  • Meanwhile…
  • Humor, Irony or Wisdom?
  • Virtual and Remote Sacred Fires

Ignite Issue 1 Masthead

Issue 1

  • Where were you when you first heard of Covid-19?
  • What Do You Do When Fear is in the Driver’s Seat
  • Post for the Mailman
  • Walking for Poetry
  • ZOOMING a Women’s Fire
  • Resources to Nurture Heart and Mind

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