2023 Fire Speaks Tepoztlán Travel Information

To assist your travels to and from Mexico, Sacred Fire teams will help coordinate your travel, including:

Arranging ground transportation from Mexico City International Airport to your hotel in Tepoztlán

  • Individual cost of $110 US matches more or less the price of a local taxi service
  • Trusted car service pick-up outside the customs baggage claim with personal connection to the driver via WhatsApp
  • If you arrive on Friday by 3:30 pm local time, we will work to save you money by coordinating a rideshare

Reserving a hotel room for you at nearby Posada La Presa

  • Includes breakfast the following morning
  • $1,000 MXP per night is around $50 USD at today’s rate of around 19 pesos to the dollar
  • Posada La Presa is a safe-and-easy walk 1/10th of a mile from the event location, Casa Xiuhtecuhtli. See map

Orienting you to the town and travel, including:

  • providing contact information for a local, bi-lingual resident who can be available to you by WhatsApp to help you should questions or concerns arise
  • things to know about local water customs (don’t even brush your teeth with it. The hotel provides purified water and bottled water is inexpensive and generally available. And septic systems require putting TP in the trash)
  • points of interest including the Saturday Market and the pre-Aztec temple situated in the sacred mountains in the Valley of Tepozteco
  • Recommended restaurants in the Market and walking distance from your hotel
    • Meals vary by restaurant type and typically cost between $180 and $500 MXP, or approx. $10 to $28 USD when you include the expected 10-15% tip
  • Where and how to catch a taxi in the Market or using WhatsApp (no need to tip a taxi driver, but 10% is appreciated)

Arranging return ground transportation from Tepoztlán back to the airport

  • Depending on your departure time, rideshares can be coordinated

If you would like assistance making your travel plans to Mexico, please contact Sacred Fire at communications@sacredfire.org no later than Monday, Nov. 15th.

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