International Firekeeper Summit Shout Out: Vinnie Marra, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

by | May 15, 2023

“Our world needs connection, and building a relationship with Fire is a great place to start. When I woo a partner, I bring chocolate and flowers; it brings a smile to their face and slowly but surely I develop a deeper relationship. It is the same with Fire. I wanted a way to serve my community and making the lifelong Firekeeper commitment seemed a possibility. I prayed for a sign. That same day, I looked outside my office window and a ¼ cord of wood was there, neatly stacked. Of note: the day before a small forest stand was being cleared and I had offered tobacco to the trees.

“When I was ultimately initiated and hosted my first Fire, there was a large group of 25 people in attendance. Afterward I asked for a sign, and as I was walking, I tripped on a ball and I “heard” the words “I had a ball!”

“Another example: during Covid, as the primary provider for my family and with my healing practice greatly diminished, I worried “What is going to happen?” I was on a run at the time and suddenly felt a giant breeze on my back. It made it easier to run and I started to cry as I again “heard” a message: “I have your back.” Over the years, I have come to really trust my relationship with Fire and how it supports me.

“When I get around my fellow Firekeepers, I feel like a fool in a good way. It makes me so happy because I know we all share a particular experience: the dedication that goes into what we offer, and the rich rewards for ourselves and our communities. That is why I really hope that as many of us as possible will get to gather for our first-ever international Firekeeper Summit in August 2023, and that those who need financial support to do so will get it.”

Vinnie Marra
Sacred Fire Firekeeper
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

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