Lisa Lichtig

A traditional shamanic healer and devoted student of Grandfather Fire for 25 years, Lisa is also a physician, firekeeper and mother.  Lisa serves community as a Mara’akame (healer and ritual leader in the Wixarika Tradition) and as a Firekeeper for Sacred Fire hosting monthly community fires, Womens’ fires and specialty fires. She and her husband are keepers of one of Grandfather Fires oldest consecrated hearths within Sacred Fire.  They have had the honor and responsibility of hosting numerous Fire Speaks events – ensuring Grandfather’s wisdom and perspective is offered and available to everyone. Lisa also serves on the Sacred Fire  Women’s Initiation Council, which offers a formal process to guide adolescent girls and young women into adulthood. She lives on a beautiful knoll in North Carolina with her husband, Patrick and carries the scent of fire wherever she roams.

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